Talgarth is with little doubt a quieter Town since the Co-op moved out of The Square. The need for action was apparent and financial support from the UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund enabled a review of Talgarth’s strengths and weaknesses and the production of a Town centre Placemaking Plan. Many residents will have participated in the open sessions that underpinned the Plan which has now been adopted by the Town Council. The Plan is available at Talgarth Community Library and online at https://www.growinpowys.com/placemaking-talgarth


A plan is one thing but delivery needs funding. We have a once in a generation opportunity to access major funding for a project that will make our Town centre a place where people want to visit, spend time and set up businesses.


The funding window isn’t open for long and we have to move swiftly if Talgarth is to benefit. It is to be hoped that the old Co-op building will contribute to the vision of a vibrant Talgarth, but the building and future scheme are in private hands and we can only help nudge the owners and developers in the right direction. However, the people of Talgarth do have their own marvellous asset in The Town Hall, the centrepiece of our community.


 Building upon the Placemaking Plan, the vision is to develop the basement or undercroft immediately under The Town Hall as a venue for entertainment, exhibitions, education and communal gatherings. The intention is to make the space an exciting one that attracts new businesses, residents and visitors alike, bringing life back to The Square seven days a week.


 The window for delivery is very tight. Work has already started in developing an Expression of Interest which will be submitted to the fund holders very soon. We need the moral support of the people of Talgarth – or comments if the feeling is that we are heading in the wrong direction. Please let us know – and help us follow in the footsteps of the many volunteers who, over the years, have made Talgarth a great place to live and work. It is our Town, let’s seize opportunity before it passes us by.