Council Information

Talgarth Town Council – formerly Talgarth Parish Council, came into existence in the late 1800’s, seeking to exercise its powers for the benefit of the Community of Talgarth and District.

Talgarth Town Council provides a variety of recreation, sports, social and other facilities for the benefit of residents and people who work in or visit Talgarth area, working in partnership with other Councils and Agencies to promote and deliver local services.

Working with the people of Talgarth and District and other local providers to develop caring quality service’s for the changing needs of the community, at an affordable cost.

Talgarth Town Council is committed to ensuring the Talgarth area remains attractive, productive and a vibrant place in which to work and live.

You will find lots of information on our website, including:

  • Town Council Documents – Agendas, Minutes etc
  • Town Council Notices - Council Vacancies etc
  • Organisations
  • Local Businesses
  • Transport
  • Local Events
  • Local Attractions
  • Churches
  • Local Walks
  • Places to Eat Out
  • Local Clubs
  • Schools

and so much more...